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Muhimbi MuSH – URL Shortener for SharePoint

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the Muhimbi for shipping MuSH; their version of the URL shortener for SharePoint. As many of you know I have been working on and off on my open sourced version for sometime now and it is good to finally see someone else attempting to tackle the same problem I was attempting to solve (see

I had an opportunity to test MuSH recently and for the most part it fundamentally works the same way my version works. The installation process of MuSH was pretty straightforward; it is delivered as a SharePoint WSP solution that gets deployed to your farm.

To create a shortened URL, you navigate to a document library, find the item you want to shorten, click the drop-down and select Shorten URL. This process ultimately shortens the URL and you get an opportunity to copy the URL to the clipboard.

The major difference between Muhimbi’s version and mine is that their shortens the URL to the SharePoint list item itself not the document. Now of course the challenge here is that on some occasions you want it to link to the list item itself and sometimes you may want to link it DIRECTLY to the document itself. To me, the linking directly to a document is more important than linking to the SharePoint list items (in my environment / experience anyway).

I provided this feedback to the Muhimbi team and they are considering adding it to a future version of the product.

For those of you that can no longer wait for my version, you can pick up a copy of MuSH for $199.00.

With all this said and done, I really hope Microsoft considers adding a URL shortener directly into SharePoint 2010 – this is definitely one of those things I hear people complain the most about and (until now) nobody has solved yet.

In the coming weeks I’ll be picking up the development effort on my version of a URL Shortener for SharePoint; this other large project I am working on is coming to a close.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words Paul, much appreciated.

    We are keen to keep this product up to date and will implement new features and languages on a regular base.

    Updates will be free for existing customers.

    Comment by Muhimbi | June 26, 2009

  2. Hi Paul,

    when you are going to provide the source code at codeplex?
    Is it still planed?

    Thanks for a quick answer,

    Comment by Thomas | July 8, 2009

    • Thomas,

      Thank you for reaching out to me about this. Just to be clear — MuSH from Muhimbi is not a product by me or that I am associated with. I merely made this post to give people an alternative while I work on my version of a URL shortener for SharePoint.

      I do not believe MuSH is going to be open sourced. However, I still plan on releasing my version of a URL Shortener to CodePlex later this year — stay tuned!

      Thank you again,


      Comment by Paul Liebrand | July 8, 2009

      • Paul,

        I had expressed myself unclearly. I referred to your version, not the commercial one from Muhimbi.

        It would be nice, if we can have a look in your source code on codeplex. I’m sure, the community will support this great feature.

        Thanks for your great work and greetings from germany,


        Comment by Thomas | July 9, 2009

  3. > I really hope Microsoft considers adding a URL shortener
    > directly into SharePoint 2010

    So say we all!

    It should be able to bookmark any URL, not just ones within SharePoint; and there should be a browser bookmarklet which works with the major browsers, not just IE8.

    Comment by Dan Becker | August 23, 2009

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