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SharePoint / Office 2007 and random authentication pop up’s with “My SharePoint Sites” (Memberships)

Update – 7/2/2009

The Office 2007 hotfix (KB970950) is now available to download:

The specific bullet that resolves this problem states the following:

“When you view folders that are listed under My SharePoint Sites in the Open dialog box or the Save As dialog box in a 2007 Office application, you are prompted for authentication. This problem occurs when an expired site is removed from the list and you no longer have access to the site.”

Update – 6/11/2009

I have been using a private build of the hot fix to resolve this issue and it looks like it is finally resolved. I’ll report back as soon as I get word from Microsoft of the official release of this fix.

Update – 5/14/2009

I just got confirmation from Microsoft today that they are currently testing the hot fix and are still scheduling to have it available at the end of June.

Update – 4/21/2009

Microsoft is currently working on a hot fix for this. They are shooting for the Office 2007 June Cumulative Update. I’ll let you know if they make it.

Update – 2/6/2009

I have been working with Microsoft on this issue and it looks like we may be seeing a hot fix (of some sort) to resolve this issue in the future.


I have posted a number of articles on how the SharePoint membership and “My SharePoint Sites” feature works in MOSS 2007 and Office 2007 and some of the problems with it.

I am currently in the process of working with Microsoft to resolve the specific issues around the pop up box appearing randomly as users are working within Office 2007.

There is another scenario that can cause the random authentication pop ups to occur. Consider the following:

  • A new site is created and the three (3) default groups Visitors, Members and Owners are associated.
  • The members group (which drives the MOSS 2007 membership feature – see previous posts on this topic) is then removed from the Site Permissions.
    • The group still exists but just does not have access to this site.
  • The members group is still associated with this SharePoint site as the designated members group.
  • SharePoint still propagates this site to the Office 2007 client for all users who are part of that group

As this group is propagated to the Office 2007 client’s “My SharePoint Site” feature it will check the users permission to the site and throw up the authentication pop up box because they technically do not have access.

After you remove any group that has been associated as the members group for a site, make sure you go into the “Set up Groups” from the People and Groups screen and change the Members site association to a new group that does have permissions.

In my opinion, the SharePoint membership feature should be smart enough to determine if the associated members group has access to the site or not and act accordingly. Unfortunately it does not – it just assumes it does and continues to propagate.


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SharePoint Calendar Reminders in Outlook 2007: Part 2

By default, Office will not generate reminders for items created on a SharePoint calendar that is connected to Outlook. A few months ago I wrote a post about how you can use RSS feeds and Outlook rules to generate your own “reminders”.

However, it still seems to be a little known fact that once your calendar is connected to Outlook you can edit existing events and set reminders, or when creating new events set the reminders.  This will generate the normal Outlook calendar reminder for you.

Yes, I know this is not ideal and very cumbersome but if you only need to get reminders on very specific or few events this might be a better way to go instead of using the RSS Feed / Client rule solution I wrote about.

Just wanted to throw this out there!

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Office 2007 Search Commands – Download Available

Microsoft has released its Office Search Commands, formally code named “Scout”,  utility which allows you to search for commands in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just type in a phrase such as insert table and the ribbon will be filtered down to just show you options that match that criteria.

The following is an example of the default Search Commands ribbon without any search criteria:


While typing in the words insert table you can see what happens to the ribbon:


To download Office 2007 Search Commands visit

NOTE: This is not supported by Microsoft — my guess is you can look for this to be built into Office 14.

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Outlook 2007 / Disappearing RSS Feeds – Hotfix

If you search around the Internet you will see that many people have experienced the issue with Outlook 2007 and RSS feeds a) disappearing, or b) stop working altogether.

I worked with Microsoft and finally got a hotfix that resolves this issue.

The KB article can be found here:

I have been using a private build for a few weeks now and it definitely has solved the problem I was experiencing.

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SharePoint 2007 alerts do not open in Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003

We have been dealing with the infamous issue that occasionally prevents Outlook 2007 from opening SharePoint 2007 (“SharePoint”) alerts when the client is running in cached mode. This may be old news to some but the solution was recently brought to my attention.

A friend of mine pointed me to a Microsoft knowledge base article (KB930807) which is a hotfix for Exchange 2003, post Service Pack 2 (SP2).

If for some reason your organization cannot install the hot fix, you can always get around the issue by not running Outlook 2007 in cache mode.

Thanks for the KB article Mike!

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