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I recently came across this new free web 2.0 application called allows you to create private exchange points that they have termed drops. could be compared to other sites such as, however, here are some nice things that set it apart:

  • No signup required
  • You can add a drop via the web, email (, phone, or even fax
  • You can expire drops
  • You can password protect drops
  • Flash enables the content.  For example, if you drop a PDF it will be displayed in a flash viewer.  Same applies to mp3, videos, etc.
  • You can create RSS feeds from your drops – even add enclosures
  • Much, much more

Of course they are going to offer premium services such as more storage, choose your own fax number, etc, but the baseline features that offers is amazing. If you are someone who has a need to exchange content with other people, this is definitely a service you want to check out.

I took a couple screen captures of the process that gets you up and running within seconds.

Step 1: Created a drop by attaching an mp3


Step 2: A view of my files in this drop


Step 3: Sent a PDF via email to my drop


Step 4: List of new file after sending email


Step 5: Clicked the preview button and it shows it within a flash viewer



March 8, 2008 Posted by | Web2.0 | 1 Comment