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“TinyUrl” for SharePoint Feature Requests

[Update – 9/2/2009]

I have released the first public version of my SharePoint URL Shortener. Please read the following blog posts for more information:

I am soliciting feature requests on Twitter for the first version of the “TinyUrl” for SharePoint feature I’ll am developing.

If you do not want to post them to Twitter, feel free to post them in the comments of this post.


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SharePoint Feature or Enhancement Requests

If you could request one feature or enhancement to SharePoint what would it be?  Here are a couple examples I could think of:

  • Expiring Permissions – Being able to set a time limit on when the permissions will expire for a user on an item.
  • Bring back the “Up” button! – The “up” button was replaced with cookie trails in WSS 3.0, however, if a document library is added as a web part to a page there is absolutely no way of navigating up in a document library; you no longer have access to the document library cookie trails. (I am currently working on my own implementation of this as time permits. I’ll get it posted as soon as it is available)
  • Remove the “Close” web part button – Talk about a very misunderstood concept when it comes to web parts and a be cause of performance issues (Hint: use the ?contents=1 query string to quickly gain access to the list of web parts closed or open on a specific page).
  • Office File Types – Allow users to create new Office documents without the use of content types, or selecting a template up front (see Adding Office File Types to all Document Libraries New Menu without Content Types for more information).

What other ideas do you have?

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