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SharePoint URL Shortener – Feature Highlight

There is a feature in my SharePoint URL Shortener solution that was not included in the video I posted on YouTube recently. I thought I would take the time to spotlight this feature because it may not be too obvious.

The video highlights the ability to generate a short URL by using the drop down menu from within a list or library, for example:


However, sometimes you may have the need to shorten the current URL you are on within a SharePoint site (it does not have to be a list item or document). My SharePoint URL Shortener adds a link to the Welcome menu located in the top right corner of the screen that when clicked will generate a short version of whatever URL you are currently viewing.

Lets say you wanted to create a survey and send it out to your users. You can now click on the Respond to this Survey button:


Which will take you to some awful long URL which you would generally copy and paste into an email, or a SharePoint announcement and send out to your users.

With SharePoint URL Shortener, you can now click the drop down on the Welcome menu and select Generate Short URL and it will generate the short URL version:


You can now include this shortened URL in an email message or post it to an announcement list within SharePoint.


I hope you find this useful.

Thank you


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SharePoint URL Shortener Codeplex site has been published and is live!

The SharePoint URL Shortener Codeplex site has been published and is now publically available (as promised from yesterdays post).


As a reminder, the URL is

If you have any problems, please post something on the Codeplex site and/or hit me up on Twitter (@PaulLiebrand).

Thank you and please be gentle!

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SharePoint Url Shortener – it’s finally here!

After many iterations and delays I am pleased to announce that my SharePoint Url Shortener (initial version) is finally here! There is still some work to be done on this but I have decided to release it in its current state to start getting some feedback from the community.

Here is a demonstration of the process – from feature activation to Url generation:

I’ll be publishing the Codeplex project sometime this weekend (probably Saturday) so be on the look out.

The Codeplex Url is – I’ll update my blog and send out a notification on Twitter (@PaulLiebrand) when I actually pull the trigger.

Thank you for being patient and I hope you find this useful.

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